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Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Broker Dealers are highly scrutinized by both the SEC and FINRA, and their use of social media is no exception. Regulatory notices such as FINRA 10-06 and FINRA 11-39 detail the need to archive social media records. FINRA performs regular spot-checks of social media records, just as they do for other communications. The SEC has issued social media risk alerts confirming the critical importance of social media record keeping. In the UK, new FCA guidance on social media includes language on capturing and preserving records. [include_popup snippet=”video-sec-finra-social-media-compliance”/]

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ArchiveSocial makes it easy to monitor and archive your entire social presence from one dashboard.

  • Centralize recordkeeping
  • Start archiving in minutes
  • No IT help needed

Effortless Capture

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Automatically capture your social media as it happens, and all historical content available on the networks.

  • Fully automated capture
  • Custom retention rules
  • Keyword monitoring with RMA

Worry-free Audits

Effortless capture

Produce legally sound records on-demand, in the format that you need, with no special training or expertise.

  • Complete metadata
  • Advanced search
  • On-demand export

ArchiveSocial is an ideal solution for firms of all sizes

“Archive Social has been a great partner and allowed us to leverage social media knowing our activity is being archived for us. We produce a large volume of social media content on multiple platforms, so it would be a substantial effort to manage this on our own.”

Brent Everett

Chief Investment Officer, Talis Advisors

ArchiveSocial is an ideal solution for firms of all sizes, including independent RIAs. It simplifies compliance with strict industry record keeping regulations such as SEC 17a-4, FINRA 10-06, and FINRA 11-39 through the most intuitive web interface and authentic capture of social media records available.

Why is 100% Authentic Capture a Requirement?

Networks like Twitter and Facebook are more than just websites. Underneath every status update, tweet, profile, photo, and message, there is important metadata describing the content. It is important to a complete record of your correspondence in order to satisfy long-term regulatory requirements.

ArchiveSocial saves this data in its native format, and applies a digital signature to each record in order to prove authenticity during legal situations. Unlike vendors that capture HTML snapshots – or convert the data into formats such as email ‐ ArchiveSocial ensures you have 100% authentic social media records you can trust for compliance.

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