Social Media & Public Records Requirements

freedom of information act requires social media archivingPublic records requirements created by laws such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are foundational for government transparency. As communication with citizens continues to move to social networking channels, governments are issuing guidance clarifying that social media — like email — must be retained in accordance with public records laws.

The National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) states that in federal government, “each agency is responsible for managing its records” in compliance with the Federal Records Act and NARA regulations. States such as Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Washington have explicitly provided guidance to confirm the classification of social media as a public record. Public entities need assistance in complying with these requirements.

What is ArchiveSocial?

ArchiveSocial enables public agencies to engage with citizens via social media, while automatically ensuring compliance with state and federal records laws such as FOIA. It provides a legal safety net, and eliminates the time and effort required to respond to public records requests.

AchiveSocial is the public sector’s leading social media archiving solution with the most intuitive web interface and authentic capture of social media records available. Request a demo to learn more about ArchiveSocial.

Why Choose ArchiveSocial?

  • Automatically archive records of social media activity transmitted by any device, computer, or network.

  • Ensure long-term validity of your records via our exclusive 100% authentic capture and digital signature process.

  • Easily search and produce records in PDF or Excel using an interface that feels like a carbon copy of your social media.

  • Start archiving in minutes with budget-friendly pricing for local, state, and federal agencies, and no setup fees.

Why is 100% Authentic Capture a Requirement?

100 percent authentic capture is essential for a social media archive

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are more than just websites. Underneath every tweet, status update, photo, profile, and message, there is critical metadata describing the content.

ArchiveSocial archives this data in its raw native format, and applies a digital signature to each individual record in order to prove authenticity during legal situations. Unlike web archiving services ‐ or “backup” tools, browser plugins, or manual snapshots ‐ ArchiveSocial ensures you have 100% authentic social media records you can trust for government needs.