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Social Media Archiving Software Built for Compliance & Transparency

The only dependable social media archiving software for record retention compliance and risk management

Capture Every Record from your Social Media Communications

ArchiveSocial connects directly to your social networks to capture and preserve all the content your organization posts and engages with, in-context and in near-real-time. And it all lives in one easy-to-use, secure archive, so you can easily manage your online communications and help your organization stay compliant with public records laws, regulations, and recordkeeping initiatives.

Social media archive software ensures your organization’s communications are saved so you can easily respond to records requests, and remain compliant with public records laws. Learn more about public records requirements and why you need to archive social media.

More Reasons to Archive

Check your State’s Public Records and FOIA Laws

Select your state to read its records laws, and how they impact social media communications.

Curious about Federal records laws in the US?

Automate your digital record retention with ArchiveSocial

Keep your social media & website records mere clicks away

Make life simple with record retention automation

ArchiveSocial automatically captures and preserves your records from social media, including posts, photos, videos, comments, and more.


Effortless compliance - no more lost records

Capture all critical information from social media – including hidden and deleted content. Even retain metadata that stores authenticatable information like digital signatures and timestamps.


Save time - locate and produce records in minutes

Easily browse, search, and locate your records form digital platforms using keywords, date ranges, and social network specification search tools.

Interested in learning more about CARES, ESSER, and ARP funds? See how this government COVID-19 relief funding can be used to protect your organization’s online communications with ArchiveSocial.

Social media archive software trusted by thousands of organizations

Public organizations are required to maintain records of all their social media communications. So when every record counts, you need software you can count on.

ArchiveSocial brings peace of mind to organizations across the globe: from the National Archives & Records Administration and the DOJ, to cities like Palmer, AK and New York, NY. For over 12 years, we’ve proudly provided social media archiving for the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

no record missed - capture records with social media archiving software

Centrally manage your online presence

Avoid time-consuming administration work, missed content, and legal risk by managing social media account activity across departments in one secure system. With smart filters and automated tags for deleted, edited, and hidden content, you can find answers quickly and easily produce reports of any size.

Securely stored social media records in the cloud

Automate your regulatory & data privacy requirements

ArchiveSocial brings automation to record retention for an accurate and dependable solution to effectively meet your compliance obligations – so you can save time and focus on the big-picture.

Intuitive by design, and demonstrated to provide enormous cost-savings, ArchiveSocial preserves your content in full resolution and in near-real-time within its original context. You’ll never miss or lose a record, and are always prepared for any audits, litigation, e-discovery and records requests.

social media record automation - social icons

Get even more out of your archive

Customize your archive to fulfill all your communications compliance needs. Capture content with full metadata and timestamps for your web pages with website archiving. Gain meaningful insights into your social media engagement levels, commenter sentiment, and platform usage with our social media reporting. ArchiveSocial can help you meet all your archiving, compliance, and recordkeeping needs.

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Key Features of Social Media Archiving


Enable in-record collaboration, capture the context for any record, eliminate disjointed conversations, and export entire conversations or specific comments exactly as they happened on the social networks in just a few clicks

Alerts & Analytics

Keep tabs on what matters most to you with advanced monitoring & alerting for keywords, questions, personally identifiable information, inappropriate images, usernames, blocked users, policy violations, and more

Discover Risk Management & Analytics

Blocked Lists

Get notified when a block occurs and maintain a single list of all blocked users and pages, for all of your managed accounts, with clear timelines and supporting evidence to defend your actions

Compliant Supervision Tools

Collaborate with different access levels, control your online data with flexibility, and define the retention period of records through custom disposition rules while maintaining compliance

“ArchiveSocial makes the management of social media as public record practical and possible. The setup is simple and the searching capabilities are awesome.”

Rick Satterfield
ArchiveSocial Customer
City of Pocatello, Idaho

The Social Media Record Archiving Overview

How Social Media Archiving Works

See how you can achieve records compliance fast with social media archiving. Download the overview to see how social media archiving software works to make sure your social media records are captured in near real-time, securely retained, and easy for you to find.

The comprehensive social media archiving compliance guide cover

Bronlea Mischler

“Social media is a public record because it is communication from county government. It is something that is transparent and needs to be preserved in case there are ever questions from the media or the public about what the county has done and why.”

Communications Coordinator

Skagit County, WA

Read Skagit County Success Story

Rebecca Medina Stewart

Rebecca Medina Stewart

“If you don’t have something like ArchiveSocial for your social media, you’re playing Russian roulette with your daily public records responsibilities — and that’s not a good idea.”

Director of Public Affairs and Marketing

City of Deerfield Beach, FL

Read Deerfield Beach Success Story

What Makes ArchiveSocial the Leading Social Media Archiving Software

Comprehensive Archiving

Capture and preserve all content you post and engage with, including deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments.


Accurate Context Preservation

Replay records in their original context and ensure their authenticity with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified metadata.

Intuitive Interface

Quickly find records, add detailed notes, or export the specific content you need, in its required format, at any time, with advanced search, annotations, intuitive filtering, and one-click export features.

Start archiving social media for records compliance today

Automatically Capture & Archive Social Media Records

Create your social media archive today to start automating record retention for your organization’s social media pages. It’s free to set up and start archiving. See why thousands of entities trust ArchiveSocial to capture and maintain social media records.