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Archiving Social Media

How ArchiveSocial Works

ArchiveSocial connects directly to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to capture and preserve the content on your pages – ensuring you can easily respond to records requests. Learn more about public records requirements and social media archiving.


Capture not only the content you post, but also content from your constituents – including deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments.

Preserved In Context

Replays records in their original context, presenting conversations as they actually played out on the social networks.

Easy to use

Enables you to produce records in minutes with quick search and one-click export features.

The #1 Social Media Archiving Solution in Government

Trusted By More Than 2,500 Agencies


Palmer, AK

Population 6,500


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Learn about public record laws in your state and how social media archiving protects your agency as you serve and inform your citizens.

Rebecca Medina Stewart

If you don’t have something like ArchiveSocial for your social media, you’re playing Russian roulette with your daily public records responsibilities — and that’s not a good idea.

Director of Public Affairs and Marketing
City of Deerfield Beach, FL


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The most trusted social media archiving solution for public agencies & educational organizations to maintain public records of social media.

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