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Our Mission

To Empower and Protect Open Dialogue

Who We Are

Since being founded in 2011, ArchiveSocial’s first-of-kind cloud-based archiving and analytics technology has been trusted by thousands of organizations including New York City, the National Archives and Records Administration, the State of North Carolina, and the United States Department of Justice to empower their active participation on social networking channels without concern of being unable to fulfill record requirements and avoid lawsuits. In 2017, ArchiveSocial collaborated with the White House to launch the first archive of presidential social media in history for the outgoing Obama administration.

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Our Culture

Culture is more than happy hours, team lunches, and a stocked break room. (But don’t worry, we do those things, too.) At ArchiveSocial, we celebrate our culture and values every day. We treat your work anniversary like it’s your birthday — and enthusiastically celebrate both. We acknowledge the exceptional work of the team with our five peer-nominated core value awards. We give back to our community by donating our time or smashing whipped cream pies in our faces to raise money for a local organization. We tell jokes. There’s even a team dedicated to keeping the laugh in work-laugh balance.

Our Core Values

  1. Promote freedom of information
  2. Move the needle
  3. Be a pragmatic perfectionist
  1. Maintain work-laugh balance
  2. stay hungry, stay humble
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Anil Chawla

Anil Chawla

Chairman & Founder

Ray Carey

Ray Carey


Total Optimization of Digital Communications and Record Retention
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