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Graphic Design Tips & Tricks for Non-Designers

Boca Raton, FL

Mary McGuire, Communications & Digital Media Coordinator, City of Boca Raton, FL


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Mary McGuire is the Communications and Digital Media Coordinator for the City of Boca Raton, and her background in photography and graphic design has helped the city’s Facebook page grow from 700 followers to over 35,000.

Learn graphic design tips & tricks for non-graphic designers in this 1-hour webinar created specifically for gov communicators.

Mary covers:

  1. Practical tips for taking better photos for your social media posts
  2. How to harness the power of good design to engage your residents
  3. Which software tools to use to make your social media posts more visually interesting

If you would rather click through the presentation to focus on specific slides and tips, you may access it here.

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When your town is only 3000 people, and there isn’t a whole lot on the calendar, how do you find things to post about?

One thing we found helpful, especially after we got a year under our belt, is going into Facebook and doing an export of our entire year to see what we were posting because we were a relatively new department. That allowed us to see a lot of the recurring things.

When you really look at the whole year, you can see those overarching programs around the holidays and around elections. You can also use signing up for newsletters, do a call for signing up and once it’s out, you share. Make sure you look for hashtag holidays that align with your agency or the facilities page. Also taking a look at Twitter, they have a monthly content calendar that’s super helpful.

And reaching out to the different departments in your agencies to see if they have any weeks of recognition. Those facilities and groups within your organization will give you an idea of what days, weeks, or months, and that will help round out your calendar.

Do you make your gifs using the Powerpoint video tool that you mentioned?

Most of our gifs are made using Canva. There’s ways that you can also create the gifs in Photoshop, as well as taking some video footage and uploading that to a gif converter.

What is the structure of your team? Are you the only one creating graphics?

This is a dedicated position for me. My primary function is the social media and the creation of graphics for the social media.

We recently hired a PR specialist and a digital media specialist to help support the website and we all have those skills in Photoshop. When needed, they can jump in, as well as InDesign and Premiere. Our PR specialist actually has a great handle on Adobe Premiere, and produces a lot of the more recent videos that we have just been putting out.

So the primary falls on me, but then you look at all the different groups in our city, they are all responsible for creating their own graphics and photos.

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Graphic Design Tips & Tricks for Social Media: the City of Boca Raton, FL

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