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Do More with Less: Repurposing Content Across Social Media

McKinney, TX

Frances La Rue, Communications & Media Specialist


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Learn how to save time and resources by learning how to repurpose your pre-existing content across your social media channels.

Frances La Rue, Communications and Media Specialist for the City of McKinney, TX, will show you how to do more with less by using pre-existing content in your social media strategy.

During this webinar, you will:

1. See real-life examples of repurposed content

2. Find out how you can create more time in your day through easy-to-use tools

3. Get a quick “how-to” tutorial that explains how to take one media piece and turn it into several multimedia pieces

People, Books, & Articles

People, Books, & Articles

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Do More with Less: Repurposing Content Across Social Media

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