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Communicating with Constituents During Crisis

St. Johns County

Jamie Johnson, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office
Melissa Wissel, City of St. Augustine
Michael Ryan, St. Johns County Government
Jeremy Robshaw, St. Johns Fire Rescue
Kelly Wilson, Emergency Management


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Last October, a team of five holed themselves away in a government building in St. Augustine, FL.

For 10 straight days, they stayed there–day and night, with one mission in mind: to feed their community the best, most accurate information before, during, and after Hurricane Irma.

How did they do it? Find out in this exclusive presentation created by the team from St. Johns County, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the City of St. Augustine, the Emergency Operations Center, and Fire and Rescue.

Flip through the slideshow to learn:

  1. How multiple agencies can work together on social media messaging and strategy during emergencies
  2. How they responded on social media before, during, and after a crisis situation
  3. Real examples of how the team behind the social media response to Hurricane Irma got their community through the storm.


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How and when did you work with other counties and the state?

Our primary focus was on St. Johns County residents and businesses, but we did work with surrounding counties and the State during the recovery process in coordinating resources, dignitary tours, and funding.

How do you coordinate messaging with your electric, water and sewer utilities?

All of our internal and external utilities were embedded in the EOC for the duration of both hurricanes. While they were conducting their own communication programs, they also were very gracious with providing our team with timely updates to distribute.

What types of questions were asked in the Facebook Q&A? Did you use Facebook Live for the Q&A?

Questions ranged from evacuation orders and shelters to when cable TV would be restored. We were very interactive and responsive on social media, but we only utilized FB live for our official press conferences.

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Communicating with Constituents During Crisis: St. Johns County, FL

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