At ArchiveSocial we are rabidly committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive, high quality capture of business records from across their social media channels. When we launched our social media archive solution last year, customers quickly fell in love with ArchiveSocial’s unique ability to capture Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn content in a true and authentic fashion. And they immediately asked us for more. Today, we are proud to announce support for archiving YouTube channels.

Archiving YouTube: An Industry First

YouTube logoIt should come as no surprise but correctly archiving YouTube is no small feat! For starters, YouTube videos constitute an enormous amount of data. Furthermore, YouTube  works a bit differently from networks like Facebook and Twitter, and keeping up with the deluge of comments across an entire library of videos can be quite a technical head-scratcher. There is a reason why — until now — there hasn’t been a single archiving solution on the market to tackle these issues. We like a good challenge, though, and here’s the proof: we not only “implemented” YouTube archiving, but we also continually archived the entire White House YouTube channel (~ 1000 videos available) across the past few weeks, just to make sure it really works. I told you we are rabid!

The White House’s (Unofficial) YouTube Archive

The White House Youtube Archive

We chose The White House archive as a test case for a number of reasons, including the fact that our friends in state, local, and federal government are all incredibly engaged on YouTube and continue to struggle with records management of that content. We also think that The White House itself provides a stellar example of leveraging  YouTube to disseminate news, engage citizens, and fulfill the mission of government transparency.  Here are some example stats from our unofficial (but hopefully, some day, official) White House YouTube archive proving that point:

  • The White House uploaded an average of 75 videos per month last year
  • There were an average of 206 comments per video, although many individual videos had well over 1,000 comments
  • In this test, we archived 1,004 of the most recent White House uploads dated from December 19th, 2011 to February 8th, 2012
  • In total, our test archive now contains more than 220,000 social media records from The White House YouTube channel… and growing! Note that this includes comments that were later deleted and are no longer available on YouTube.

Here’s a look at how the archive works:

Youtube archive for the white house on ArchiveSocial


It is a breeze to browse through the video uploads and view all of their comments. ArchiveSocial preserves the full context of these communications, and the content looks and behaves just like it does on YouTube itself. You can play the video and even expand comments in-place.

Youtube archive example metadata


As always, ArchiveSocial captures the most authentic form of the record by archiving YouTube data in its pure native format,  along with full metadata. You can click the download link next to any video or comment to retrieve the full metadata. Every record and video is also digitally signed to ensure authenticity in case the record must be used as legal evidence.

Searchable Youtube archive on ArchiveSocialYouTube records can be instantly searched alongside all of the other types of social media content in the archive. Our dynamic search interface provides instantaneous filtering via categories and date ranges to help you find that needle in the haystack.
search and export Youtube archives

When you are ready, you can export YouTube content to formats such as PDF, Excel, and HTML in just two clicks. If necessary, you can also export a gigantic ZIP file containing all of the actual videos.

Archiving YouTube and Beyond

We’re extremely excited about this announcement and are itching to hear your feedback. And, as I said before, we continue to be committed to helping our customers archive social media across all of the channels that are important to you. So here’s the question: what’s next? Leave your comments below!