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California Assembly Bill 1475 Social Media Compliance

ArchiveSocial is here to help your law enforcement agency comply with AB 1475 while making sure your public records are preserved properly for compliance with the California Public Records Act.

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Assembly Bill 1475

In 2021, Assembly Bill 1475 was passed by the Senate and approved by the Governor. This bill prohibits the posting of booking photos, often called “mugshots”, for individuals arrested on suspicion of nonviolent crimes. Affecting police departments and other law enforcement agencies, this bill also requires that police departments remove these photos from social media pages in most cases if they are already present.

This causes a bit of an issue for social media record retention for the California Public Records Act. Deleting social media posts may also be deleting public records if you aren’t preserving records outside of the social media site. So before deleting these social media records, it is wise to back them up in an archive.

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What the Law Says

Excerpt from California Assembly Bill No. 1475:

“The bill would require a police department or sheriff’s office that shares, on social media, a booking photo of an individual arrested for the suspected commission of a nonviolent crime to remove the information from its social media page, upon request, unless the same specified circumstances exist. The bill would require a police department or sheriff’s office to remove the booking photo of a person who has committed any other crime from social media if the individual’s record has been sealed, the individual’s conviction has been dismissed, expunged, pardoned, or eradicated pursuant to law, the individual has been issued a certificate of rehabilitation, the individual is found not guilty of committing the crime for which they were arrested, or the individual was ultimately not charged with the crime or the charges were dismissed.”

Don’t Let Getting in Compliance with One Law Get you Out of Compliance with Another

We’re here to help you stay in compliance with California Public Records Act regulations while adhering to California AB 1475. ArchiveSocial provides automated social media record retention and backup for law enforcement and government agencies. It has even been trusted by multiple presidential offices.

Our team will help you make sure your social media pages are in compliance with AB 1475 and the California Public Records Act. When you have to delete posts and photos from social media, ArchiveSocial ensures that content is backed up in your archive and available for public records purposes.

Social Media Record Retention Made Simple

Avoid lost records and legal risk by keeping an archive of all your social media records. Our system ensures that all your social media activity is archived and stored for public records compliance, even those deleted on social media pages for AB 1475 compliance purposes. We support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more – all in one archive. Simply sign in to your social accounts to start archiving automatically.

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Helping law enforcement agencies remain compliant with public record retention regulations.

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ArchiveSocial is very easy to use and aids in maintaining compliance in an easy, seamless way.

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