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ArchiveSocial Product Features

Protect your data, protect your agency


Stay confidently compliant with the industry’s most authentic social media archiving solution

Authentic capture

Native format preservation with complete metadata

Social media replay

Experience your social media as it happened

Continuous archiving

Automatically capture and preserve content 24/7

Historical records

Collect data from your entire social media history

Unlimited accounts

Manage records for your entire agency

Advanced search

Instantly filter content to find just what you need

On demand export

Access your data whenever you need it

Retention rules

Custom schedules for record disposition

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Centralize Oversight

ArchiveSocial makes it easy for a single administrator to manage the entire agency’s data while still allowing individuals and departments to maintain control of social media content.

ArchiveSocial search feature with expanded content details

Preserve Context

ArchiveSocial captures complete, authentic records that allow you to replay your social media as it happened.
No more piecing together records stored in separate emails or reviewing unsearchable screenshots.

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Control Your Data

ArchiveSocial makes sure your data is secure while giving you complete control over retention periods and exports. Locate and retrieve your data easily in whichever format you need, whenever you need it.

Social Media Archive Features and Benefits

Authentic capture

ArchiveSocial captures and stores digitally signed records in the native formats of the social media platforms, including the metadata that’s needed to authenticate records in a legal setting.

Social media replay

ArchiveSocial makes it easy to replay your social media exactly as it originally appeared. Expand conversations threads, view photos, watch videos, and more so it still makes sense years after the fact.

Continuous archiving

ArchiveSocial polls connected social media accounts continuously throughout the day, and even captures real-time updates from certain networks.

Historical records

ArchiveSocial goes back to the beginning of your social media presence to capture all data available from the networks, making it easy to search years worth of posts, tweets, and comments.

Unlimited accounts

ArchiveSocial offers pricing plans that are based on the number of new records captured per month. This allows us to offer unlimited data storage across unlimited connected social media accounts.

Advanced search

ArchiveSocial’s advanced search allows you to scope by a variety of options including content type, date range, and participants, and instantly refine results to find the needle in the haystack.

On demand export

ArchiveSocial makes it easy to respond to records requests. Export exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, in the format of your choice (PDF, Excel, or HTML).

Retention rules

ArchiveSocial allows you to control the retention period of your records through disposition rules. All records can be reviewed before deletion.

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“Our favorite feature is the ability to search your previous posts – something that’s nearly impossible to accomplish without ArchiveSocial!”

Stacie Galloway

Public Information Officer, Town of Apex, NC

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ArchiveSocial currently supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google Plus with more networks coming soon!

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