One Year and Counting

Robert Delk Age 1

Look who’s one!

One year ago today, Robert Delk joined the team at ArchiveSocial. He is excited to have come on as number four in a company that is growing fast. He says, “I love being part of a company this size where I can see the effect I’m having on its success. I love the people I work with and can’t believe how far we’ve come in the past year.” In honor of Robert’s first workaversary we spent a little time getting to know what makes him so special. Here’s what we found out:

Robert’s favorite color is blue

We asked Mr. Delk if he could wake up tomorrow and be anywhere in the world, where would he be. His answer? The south of France, relaxing on the elegant sandy shores of the Mediterranean, watching the yachts race across the azure waters while sipping on a crisp French 75.

He’s a musical virtuoso

You might not know it by looking at him, but in college Robert was a metalhead. Really. We’ve seen the pictures. He still likes to rock out and gets together to play music with friends when he’s not relaxing with a video games or watching soccer. What’s even more surprising is what he can do on the other end of the musical spectrum — sing operatically! One of these days we are going to get him to perform this song after Friday beers.

He enjoys simple pleasures

When we asked Robert what he would do if we gave him $50 and told him he had to spend it in Durham, he answered immediately. He’d buy T-shirts and ice cream. More specifically, he would buy Durham t-shirts from Runaway Clothes and stop by for a cone at the Parlour Of course, when it comes to flavors, Robert’s tastes are super sophisticated. Nothing but Birthday Cake or Cookies and Cream will do!

He’ll make you laugh

When he isn’t connecting governments with the most sophisticated social media archiving solution on the market, Robert’s other passion is comedy. “I love working at ArchiveSocial, but if I could get rich doing standup tomorrow, that’s what I’d be doing,” he said wistfully. Robert is also the comic genius behind the cult classic “Midnight Smack Attack”. If you can find a copy of one of his strips, please let us know.

His dog is a genius, but only has four legs

Robert's Goliath Spider

He’d call him Fluffy

Robert’s dog Panda should probably be famous. As Robert puts it, “he’s smarter than me, which creates some really awkward conversations at home.” This explains why Robert’s ideal furry companion would actually be a Goliath spider.

Here’s to another great year!

We’re glad to have Robert on the team and look forward to seeing what he gets up to in 2015. If you have any questions for Robert about archiving solutions, fluffy spiders, poorly named comics, or just want to grab a coffee with him (which should be easy to schedule given that he drinks between 6-44 cups a day) you can reach him here. Happy first year, Robert!