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Our Approach to Social Media Archiving

The most authentic capture of social media available

Social media is different, so is ArchiveSocial

We do a dive deep into social media — network-by-network and content-by-content — to figure out the most complete and useful way to archive records. We’re not just storing data, we’re ensuring that you can make sense of your records when you  need them. Speak to a member of our team or read below to learn more about our unique approach to social media archiving. [include_popup pardotform=”172″/]


The most authentic capture of social media available

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are more than just websites. ArchiveSocial communicates directly with each social network to capture complete records in their raw, native format with complete metadata. ArchiveSocial also secures each record with a timestamped digital signature for legal needs.

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An archive that treats social media like social media

ArchiveSocial preserves social media content in a way that looks, feels, and behaves like a carbon copy of the original social network. You can expand comment threads, view full-sized photos, play videos, and more.

Continuous archiving for a real-time, on-the-go world

Social media can be deleted at any time. ArchiveSocial archives continuously throughout the day to minimize time gaps in which data loss could occur— regardless of how content was originally posted on the network..

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Powerful search and unrestricted data export

ArchiveSocial provides a sophisticated search engine that allows you to search by advanced criteria, instantly refine your search results, and export records to a variety of formats such as PDF and HTML.

Ease-of-use and affordability for any sized business

ArchiveSocial is 100% hosted and requires no software installation or IT expertise. It provides a user interface that is shockingly intuitive for enterprise-class software, and a simple pricing model able to accommodate any budget — so that you’re saving records and money.

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Stop worrying about what’s missing from your records and get the peace of mind that comes with automated retention. Our flexible plans are priced to fit government budgets.

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