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Ensure compliance with open records laws

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Promote government transparency with an Open Archive. Minimize the cost and overhead of fulfilling public records requests by allowing the media and the public to access public records of your social media on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure Compliance With Open Records Laws

Frequently Asked Questions

No Setup Fees, No Export Fees, No Fine Print.


How is ArchiveSocial pricing based?

ArchiveSocial pricing is based on the volume of new records archived each month. All plans include unlimited data storage, continuous archiving, and access to core features.


Why is ArchiveSocial pricing based on records?

We’ve found that the volume of a customer’s ongoing social media activity — regardless of the number of users or social media profiles — is the best indicator of the value our customers receive from the archive. Pricing in this manner allows us to provide plans that offer unlimited data storage and unlimited social accounts, while ensuring that our customers can organize their social media profiles in any way that they want.


Will my costs be fixed or can they vary month to month?

Fixed. Our record volume limits are intentionally specified as ranges (e.g. up to 1,000 new records, up to 3,000 new records, etc) to accommodate for fluctuations in usage, and to ensure that you can accurately budget for the solution.


What exactly is a record? What is a social account?

A record is any individual communication captured by ArchiveSocial. Each tweet, status update, private message, and comment is stored as a separate record. Large multimedia files, such as videos, are counted as multiple records based on 10-megabyte segments.

A social account refers to an individual profile on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. Distinct profiles, such as business pages, are treated as separate accounts even if they are managed by the same top-level profile.


What happens if I exceed the maximum number of records allowed by my plan in a month?

No problem! We understand that your social media activity might occasionally spike, particularly in emergency situations. ArchiveSocial will continue archiving your communications when you temporarily exceed your plan maximum. If you consistently exceed your plan maximum over the course of a few months, we will work with you to move to a more appropriate plan size.

Three Steps to Effective Moderation

Comment Moderation Guide

Enjoy the benefits of social media without all the risks by creating a comment moderation policy for your public agency.

Still Have Questions?

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