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Easily respond to records requests

Produce the records you need in minutes- including edited, deleted, and hidden content!



ArchiveSocial’s functionality, ease-of-use, compliance, and reporting features are better than their competitors. I was impressed by how simple it was to add accounts and to pull up records. Brilliant!

David Brauhn
Communications Manager
City of Walla Walla, WA


It’s surprisingly easy

Most agencies have their entire social media presence protected by ArchiveSocial in under 20 minutes!


Implementing ArchiveSocial is as simple as signing into your social media accounts.


ArchiveSocial is a cloud-based archiving solution – there are no IT resources required.


ArchiveSocial is a discretionary spend for 80% of public agencies.

Solution Overview

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Responding To Records Requests

Quickly find relevant records and make sense of them in their original context. View changes to the records over time, and easily export.


Search and filter by keywords

View your records in their original context with Social Media Replay


View changes to the social media over time (including edits, deletions, and hidden content) with Version History


Generate PDF exports that accurately reconstruct the entire social media conversation surrounding the keywords relevant to the records request.


Be confident you have authenticated records for legal submission

Nichol Figueiredo
Public Information Records Access Officer & Webmaster
Framingham, MA

Social media platforms are always putting out new services or features, so make sure the product is capable of keeping up with that change.

Austin Blake
Administrative Services Manager
Kissimmee, Florida

How We Capture Your Records

We offer the most comprehensive social media record capture available, ensuring the highest level of compliance for your agency.


Communicates directly with each of the major social networking platforms, ensuring 100% authentic electronic records complete with metadata


Archives both sides of the conversation, including comments, replies, and private messages


Retrieves historical records still provided by the platforms, going back to the beginning of your social media presence


Automatically detects edits, deletions, and new comments on old posts — even if this information is not provided in the social network feeds

Continually re-verifies your entire social media history to ensure complete and accurate capture, despite network downtime and changes made by the platforms

Archives dynamic media including live streamed videos on Facebook Live and Periscope

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Internal Review

The same features that help you respond to a records request will also help you and your team look back at your social media activity.


Easily locate important conversations within your social media history

After a crisis, review how your organization used social media to identify areas of improvement

Replay your social media exactly as it originally appeared— expand conversation threads, view photos, watch videos, and more— so it still makes sense months or years after the fact.

Kristi Wyatt
Director of Communications & Intergovernmental Relations
San Marcos, Texas

One of the great things about ArchiveSocial is that we can keep all of our voices accountable by linking the account to the account owner. We can see what they have been archiving.

Julie Brashaber
Director of Marketing
City of Franklin, IN

Centralizing Oversight

Whether an organization’s social media portfolio is managed by a single individual or distributed across several departments, a centralized social media records archive is the key to efficient and cost-effective risk management.

View all of your social media accounts in one place.

Make it easy for a single administrator to manage the entire agency’s data, while still allowing individuals and departments to maintain control of social media content.


Connect accounts quickly and easily without collecting personal login information from users or granting blanket access to all of the data in the archive.

Upgrade Archive

Add to your Archive

Any plan can also be upgraded to include


Risk Management &
Analytics Suite

Receive powerful monitoring & reporting capabilities to help you actively manage social media risk across your presence. Set up alerts to notify you when certain types of content are posted on your social media pages.


Promote government transparency with an Open Archive. Minimize the cost and overhead of fulfilling public records requests by allowing the media and the public to access public records of your social media on their own.

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