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The Public Records Request and Retention Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Simplify the management and fulfillment of public records with ArchiveSocial and NextRequest

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Effectively maintain online records compliance
and data privacy requirements

Together, ArchiveSocial and NextRequest streamline the management and fulfillment of records requests by automating digital record retention and request workflows. This automation helps you save time and reduce costs, while ensuring compliance and open communication.

With best-in-class security and data preservation, our full-service records requests and archiving software solutions make it easier than ever to mitigate legal risks.

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Automate your Public Records Management Process from Capture & Retention to Reporting & Fulfillment

Proactively capture and preserve
your digital communications

Gain centralized control and peace of mind with proactive social media and website archiving.

Securely Capture & Retain Content

Capture every record from your organization’s social media and website, and define the retention period through custom disposition rules.

Easily Locate Stored Records

Find and export pertinent records with advanced search, annotations, filtering, tags, and one-click export features.

Minimize Organizational Risk

Reduce public records violations with accurate context preservation that ensures a record’s authenticity with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified metadata.

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Seems like the gold standard for archiving – which has become an essential service for public entities. Thanks for all you do!

Vivienne Uccello
Community Engagement Coordinator and ArchiveSocial Customer
City of Manhattan, KS

Simplify FOIA request management and tracking

Transform how you manage public records requests with all-in-one FOIA software

Automate Records Request Management

Equip your agency with powerful features like automated reporting, custom invoicing, built-in redaction, due-date tracking, task assignment, permissions, and more.


Increase Public Self-Service

Automatically connect the public to online resources with request diversion, and provide quick access to popular questions and records while ensuring privacy with robust publishing tools.

Protect Confidential Information

Understand, identify, and mitigate risk around unintentional release of sensitive information. Leverage a machine-learning Risk Module that identifies sensitive data, permissions, and audit trails.

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I estimate that I spend at least 50% less time fulfilling a request with NextRequest compared to how we were doing it before.

Janet Chapan
Sr. Deputy City Clerk
City of West Sacramento

Take the Next Step to Better Records Management,
Security, and Compliance

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Archiving and Records Request Management solutions work even better together for total public record compliance and peace of mind. Get more for less with our exclusive bundle.

You’ll receive discounted pricing when you bundle ArchiveSocial and NextRequest software solutions.

Start simplifying the management and fulfillment of public records for your agency or school district today!