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Your Complete Social Media Archiving Solution

Meet all your archiving, compliance, and recordkeeping needs and actively manage risk online with ArchiveSocial’s secure, cloud-based archiving solution.

We archive your records from these major platforms:

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and more!

During your demo, one of our specialists will cover:

  • Records laws and social media implications in your state or region
  • How to respond to a social media records request
  • A demonstration of the ArchiveSocial product, pricing plans, and additional features

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Accurate Context Preservation

Replay conversations as they originally happened and ensure their authenticity with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified metadata.


Stay Compliant & Save Time

Ensure compliance with your state’s public records law and retention requirements, and easily respond to FOIA, eDiscovery, and litigation requests.


Intuitive Interface

Quickly find records, add notes, and export specific content, with advanced search, annotations, intuitive filtering, and one-click export.

Records Management Made Simple

Avoid time-consuming administration work, missed content, and legal risk by managing account activity across departments in one secure system. We support Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more – all in one archive. Simply sign in to your social accounts to start archiving automatically.

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Built for Transparency and Compliance

ArchiveSocial preserves your content in full resolution and in near-real-time within its original context. And with smart filters and automated tags, you can quickly find answers and produce reports of any size.

Comprehensive Automated Archiving

Capture and preserve all content your public entity posts and engages with, in one secure location.


Advanced Search & Export

Find and export the records you need quickly with filters, keywords, and custom and automated tags. Easily export to PDF or Excel.


Near-Real-Time Capture

Capture various content formats in full resolution and near-real-time, even if it’s been edited, deleted, or hidden.

Blocked Lists Management

Get notified the moment a block occurs & maintain a single list of all blocked users and pages, with supporting evidence to avoid legal risk.

Risk Management & Analytics

Customizable monitoring and alerting tools with robust reporting to increase your control, responsiveness, and insight across your entire social media portfolio.

Flexible Pricing Options

All plans include unlimited data storage, continuous archiving, and access to core features.

Trusted by Thousands of Satisfied Organizations

It makes cataloging and searching social media records simple and offers peace of mind in the event that a public records request is made.

Robert Rozboril
Public Relations and ArchiveSocial Customer
City of Westlake, OH