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  • Effortless. Implementing ArchiveSocial is as simple as signing into your social media accounts.
  • Cloud-Based. ArchiveSocial is a cloud-based archiving solution – there are no IT resources required.
  • Affordable. ArchiveSocial is a discretionary spend for 80% of public agencies.
  • Complete. The most complete archiving solution available – be confident that you are capturing the records you need (including edited and deleted comments!) to meet records requirements.

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If you don’t have something like ArchiveSocial for your social media, you’re playing Russian roulette with your daily public records responsibilities – and that’s not a good idea.

Rebecca Medina Stewart
Director of Public Affairs and Marketing
City of Deerfield Beach, FL

Having ArchiveSocial in place allows us to do advanced searches so that if we do get a [records] request, we would immediately be able to do that search and pull the correct records.

Bronlea Mishler
Communications Coordinator
Skagit County, WA

We use ArchiveSocial to capture that [social media] data for us, and it captures the metadata in the background, which allows us to use that information to be submissible in court, if ever necessary.

Nichol Figueiredo
Public Information Records Access Officer & Webmaster
Framingham, MA

The more players you have within your organization, the more channels you have to manage — you’ll want to consider something automated to capture everything, and that will give your agency peace of mind.

Cheryl Golden
Communications Manager
City of Fremont, CA

ArchiveSocial’s functionality, ease-of-use, compliance, and reporting features are better than their competitors. I was impressed by how simple it was to add accounts and to pull up records. Brilliant!

David Brauhn
Communications Manager
City of Walla Walla, WA

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