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Social Media Is Public Record

Social media is transforming the way government agencies interact with citizens by allowing meaningful, two-way communications in real time. Law enforcement agencies are using Facebook to solve crimes, emergency management personnel are using Twitter to communicate during disasters, and municipalities are responding to citizen complaints and feedback across multiple platforms.

Much like email correspondence, these interactions are generating unique and significant records that must be preserved under the law. Unlike email, preserving these records in an accessible format is challenging because the data resides with third parties such as Twitter and Facebook.

Make Sure Your Records Are There When You Need Them

Content on social media sites can be deleted in an instant, and the sites make no guarantees that your records will be preserved indefinitely. This presents a unique challenge for communicators and IT departments charged with fulfilling public records obligations.

ArchiveSocial automatically captures the data you need and stores it an authentic, easy to access format making compliance with public records laws both simple and affordable. With ArchiveSocial, you can be ready to respond to social media records requests the moment they arrive.

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Take sixty seconds to experience the power of ArchiveSocial by sampling an archive of your own Twitter account. You also have the opportunity to connect your other social media accounts and respond to social media records requests when you start a 30-day free trial.

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