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Risk Management & Analytics

Unleash the power of the data in your archive

Risk Management & Analytics

Protect and Enhance

Risk Management & Analytics (RMA)

Gives you more power to protect and enhance your agency’s social media. Starting at $199/month.

The Risk Management & Analytics (RMA) add-on is a suite of monitoring and analysis tools for your ArchiveSocial archive. RMA goes beyond likes and shares to provide meaningful insights into commenter sentiment, engagement levels, and platform usage over time. RMA also reduces worry and risk by monitoring your social media and sending alerts customized to your needs. Get rapid notifications when questions are asked, private information is shared, or a commenter uses language that violates your policy.

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Monitoring and alerts panel screenshot

Enforce social media policy

Receive alerts whenever posts to your social media pages violate your comment policy using our keyword monitors. Select from built-in dictionaries of commonly prohibited language or create custom alerts for the topics that matter most to your agency.

Screenshot of Personally Identifiable Information alert customization panel

Protect privacy

Limit public exposure to private data with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) alerts. When sensitive data such as a home address or Social Security Number appears in a feed, automatic notifications are sent to the people who can take it down.

Screenshot of question alert configuration panel

Increase responsiveness

Deliver outstanding customer service and earn points for responsiveness using RMA question alerts. Get notified whenever a question is asked, even if it is on an old post or in a private message on Facebook pages.

RMA social media network usage comparison chart

Build internal support

Demonstrate the ROI of your social media strategy with reporting that goes beyond likes and shares. Uncover what is working and what could use more work, see which networks are the most active, and get a high level view of your entire social media presence.

Screenshot of Top Conversations by Sentiment report in RMA

Understand your audience

Find out not just who your most active users are, but how they are responding to the content shared on your social networks using sentiment analysis and top commenter reports. Scope by network and date to zero in on hot button issues of get a long view of participant reactions over time.

Policy enforcement

Uncover content that violates your social media policy without staying online 24/7.

Privacy protection

Get notified when personally identifiable information is shared on your social media.


Keyword alerts

Customize monitors to receive alerts on the topics that matter most to you.


Question alerts

Never miss a question from your audience, even those posted on old threads.

Audience insights

Identify your biggest fans and critics to gain insight into who is engaging with your agency.

Sentiment analysis

Gain insight into public perception of your agency over time or during specific events.

Activity metrics

Find out which social media accounts are most active and which could be doing more.

Comprehensive reports

Demonstrate the impact of social media campaigns and build internal support for your social media strategy.