Durham, NC – ArchiveSocial (no NASDAQ symbol), a leading provider of social media archiving services, has announced a mostly definitive agreement to refrain from archiving content shared across the popular social networking service Snapchat. The decision was announced this morning when marketing VP Tom Clarkson pulled a “one more thing” during the company’s daily scrum meeting.


The company had only recently executed a graceful pivot turn to focus its efforts on Snapchat. As star developer Clark Dudek explains, “I was snapchatting my girlfriend during the company ‘all hands’ meeting, when it hit me: we should be archiving this stuff! I guess you can say I’m always working. Even when I’m not.” Within a matter of seconds, Dudek was able to integrate Snapchat support into the company’s sentient archiving platform.

ArchiveSocial CEO, Anil Chawla, was immediately convinced of the practicality of Dudek’s invention. “I’m addicted to Snapchat. Even more than I’m addicted to Instagram. It’s like Instagramming a photo with a self-destructing filter. Who wouldn’t want to archive that?!”

However, the company has now decided to reverse course despite the potential market opportunities. As Adam Tury, Director of Sales, explains, “It’s not that we couldn’t sell the feature. In fact, I already sold it. And then it went away – which is exactly what a Snapchat user would want.”

“We’ve always made a commitment to providing the most authentic social media archiving solution on the planet. It doesn’t get more authentic than this,” concludes Chawla as he deletes Dudek’s source code. The company plans to follow its successful launch-and-unlaunch of Snapchat with new support for archiving Instagram and Google Plus. Stay tuned.