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The Most Accurate & Reliable Social Media Archive

ArchiveSocial’s social media archiving, website archiving, and social media monitoring products provide the most accurate and comprehensive solution to help government agencies, school districts and other public organizations remain compliant with public record laws and actively manage risk online.

Archiving Software Built for Government Recordkeeping

At ArchiveSocial, specializing in digital record preservation is our core advantage. Our flagship social media archive solution is purpose-built to address specific challenges related to the capture of records from social media networks.

ArchiveSocial software is the fastest and most comprehensive way to create a social media archive. We support record capture for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Vimeo, Pinterest and more – all in one archive.

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ArchiveSocial’s proactive social media archive automatically captures and preserves your content 24/7

Maintain Complete, Accurate Records

Social networks are unpredictable & don’t store your content, which can lead to serious legal risk

Never Lose Social Media Record Data

Keep the data that the networks don’t. Automatically detect edited, hidden, and deleted content across your networks

Relieve Unnecessary Stress

Manage your entire social presence in one place to better track and support your communication efforts

Create a Social Media Archive that Captures Every Record from the Platforms you Use

Government agencies and educational organizations use different social platforms to reach varied audiences with unique content. With an ArchiveSocial archive, you not only capture every record from your social media pages. You can:

  • Manage, review, and organize your social media data and add detailed notes or comments to any record
  • Collaborate with different access levels in one secure place
  • Quickly search/view/export any content you need, no matter the size, whenever you need it in an easy to understand format
  • Get alerted and keep track of blocked users across your social media platforms, complete with timestamps and the context of why the block occurred.
  • Add detailed notes or comments to any record and clarify in-the-moment decisions with Annotations

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ArchiveSocial’s functionality, ease-of-use, compliance, and reporting features are better than their competitors. I was impressed by how simple it was to add accounts and to pull up records. Brilliant!

David Brauhn
Communications Manager – City of Walla Walla, WA

Responding to Records Requests

Quickly find relevant records and make sense of them in their original context. View changes to the records over time, and easily export.

It’s Surprisingly Easy to Setup an Archive

Most agencies have their entire social media presence protected by ArchiveSocial in under 20 minutes!


Implementing ArchiveSocial is as simple as signing into your social media accounts.


ArchiveSocial is a cloud-based archiving solution – there are no IT resources required.


ArchiveSocial is a discretionary spend for most public agencies.

Additional Products


Risk Management & Analytics Suite

Set up alerts and receive powerful monitoring & reporting so you always know what’s happening across all your  accounts

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Open Archive

Promote transparency and minimize the cost and labor of fulfilling public record requests with open public access to your social media archive

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Web Snapshots

Automatically capture, search, and export your website pages for improved website compliance & management

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Total Optimization of Digital Communications and Record Retention
ArchiveSocial has joined forces with NextRequest and Monsido. Learn more about these powerful products, and the advantages of bundling them with ArchiveSocial!
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Public Records Management
Make it Simple with a Social Media Archive.