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ArchiveSocial Product Features

Tailored to your public entity, ArchiveSocial captures your social media presence in-context and in near-real-time, so you can manage and access your online data in one secure location.

It’s Not Just Content Storage

ArchiveSocial automatically captures each post, image, video, story, mention and comment (even if it’s been edited, deleted, or hidden), for every single social media page, profile, and group managed by your public entity. As well as the pages and profiles your entity engages with, across all of your platforms.

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Your Public Entity’s Entire Digital Footprint

It doesn’t matter if your public entity just started social media today or has had an established presence for years. Our continuous archive retroactively captures and preserves content from the time an account was established, so you can see the full history of your accounts.

The Most Reliable Social Media Archiving Solution for Public Entities

The easiest way for public entities to remain compliant and risk-free online.

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Comprehensive Archiving

Connect directly with your social media platforms to capture and preserve all content your public entity posts and engages with, in one secure location.

OnDemand Data

Get access to your data at any time to support requests and easily produce reports for your monthly record volumes, connected accounts, and plan usage.

Have Peace of Mind

Streamline your social content documentation and eliminate surprises with active monitoring that alerts you on account connection, so you always know what data is being captured.

Near Real-Time Capture

Capture various content formats in full resolution and near-real-time, even if it’s been edited, deleted, or hidden.

Blocked Lists Management

Create and maintain a single list of all blocked users and pages, for all of your managed accounts, with clear timelines and supporting evidence to defend your actions. Read More.

Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with social media retention requirements and your state’s public records law, and easily respond to FOIA, eDiscovery, and litigation requests.

Advanced Search

Find and export the records you need quickly with filters, keywords, and custom and automated tags that let you organize and easily manage your content.

Accurate Context Preservation

Replay any record in its original context, add annotations, and ensure its authenticity with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified meta-data.

Save Time

Reduce human error and avoid time-consuming administrative work by automating your archiving process, and find answers quickly with smart filters and automated tags for deleted, edited, and hidden content.

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Set-Up in No Time

With no software to install or network interference, ArchiveSocial connects to your social media platforms and organizes your accounts (profiles, pages, groups). After that, you’re in complete control with full functionality to update settings, engage from your accounts, view your data, and more.

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Gain Centralized Control

With ArchiveSocial, you can manage and organize your social media data in one secure location, collaborate with different access levels, add annotations, and quickly search/view/export any content you need, whenever you need it in an easy to understand format.

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