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YouTube Archiving

Capture and Maintain Records from YouTube

Save all your organization’s YouTube videos automatically and maintain compliance with public records laws.

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Compliant Records of Your YouTube Communications

YouTube is the best way for governments agencies and school districts to share video content with their communities. Recorded meetings, public safety announcements, and event promos and highlights uploaded to YouTube can be shared directly or posted to other social media platforms.

These YouTube videos, as well as the comments made on them, constitute public record and must be saved and archived in accordance with your state’s record retention requirements. ArchiveSocial’s solution captures all your YouTube content in near-real time, so you never have to worry about missing a video or comment.

What We Capture:

  • Video posts
  • Post comments
  • Profile information
  • Livestream video
  • Edited, deleted, & hidden content
  • Metadata

How it Works

Simply enter your YouTube login information from your ArchiveSocial account. ArchiveSocial then connects directly to your organization’s YouTube account through YouTube’s API, or application program interface, so our software is able to interact with theirs.

When videos and comments appear on your page, they are automatically captured and stored in your archive in their native format with metadata.

YouTube Record Keeping Key Features

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Capturing Hidden & Deleted Content

Even when content is hidden or deleted, it will be stored in your archive. The content will be tagged as hidden or deleted, and you can filter by category to find the content you’re looking for.

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Archiving Videos of Any Size and Format

No matter how long your video is, it will be saved in your archive in its entirety. Whichever file format you use of the many YouTube supports, your video will be archived in its native format.

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Making Setup

Connecting your account is easy, and you can make changes at any time in your secure archive. Enable access for an individual or your whole organization.

YouTube archiving is included in all ArchiveSocial plans.
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YouTube Usage in the Public Sector is Growing

Our annual State of Social Media Survey found that YouTube has been increasing in popularity among government communicators over the last three years.

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