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Social media is public record for government agencies

Communication between government entities and citizens on social media is considered a public forum. Government agencies must adhere to open record laws in their state and be able to respond to public record requests for social media content. Social media archiving for government helps agencies remain compliant online by capturing and archiving public records created on social networks. That’s why we created a system that makes archiving your records from social media pages as simple as logging in to them.

Trusted by more than 5,000 public agencies, ArchiveSocial is the leading social media archiving provider in government. ArchiveSocial works with towns, counties, municipalities and federal agencies such as The Department of Justice, the City of Austin, Texas and the New York Police Department. ArchiveSocial has even been used by the Executive Office of the President in the US to capture and archive records of presidential social media accounts.

ArchiveSocial helps agencies mitigate their risk on social media by securing in-context and authentic records of the agency’s government social media communications. ArchiveSocial connects directly to the social networks to ensure complete compliance with the public record laws in all 50 states.

Learn about the public record laws in your state and how a social media archive protects your agency as you serve and inform your citizens.

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Mark Weaver government public records attorney

“As a litigator who defends government agencies in public records cases, the metadata captured by the ArchiveSocial software would make my job in court a lot easier.”

Mark Weaver
Attorney and Government Communications Advisor
Total Optimization of Digital Communications and Record Retention
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The State of Social Media in the Public Sector 2022

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Solution Overview

Download the solution overview to get a detailed breakdown of ArchiveSocial’s social media archiving solution for government agencies.

Featured Resources and Guidelines for Government Social Media and Archiving

Learn more about government social media archiving with these resources created specially for the public sector. We proudly help agencies navigate the complexities of government social media, public records requests, and citizen engagement.

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Guides & Templates

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“ArchiveSocial makes the management of social media as public record practical and possible. The setup is simple and the searching capabilities are awesome.”
Rick Satterfield

City of Pocatello, ID

“Exceptional support and customer service by your reps. Great product, easy to use, and makes the record keeping of social media worry free. Thanks!”
Jillian Messina

Toms River Township, NJ

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