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Secure Social Media Archiving and Risk Management for Healthcare

Critical public record capture and data management for legal, e-discovery and HIPAA compliance in hospitals and healthcare organizations

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Protecting your Healthcare Organization on Social Media

Social media allows healthcare organizations to quickly communicate important messages, provide accurate information, build their brand and protect their reputation. Whether it’s a local public health emergency or a national pandemic, social media provides an easy way to get the news out to the people who are most likely to be affected by the situation. It also offers organizations an opportunity to connect with their community, push positives, collect feedback and gain support. And as social media becomes a critical means of communication for healthcare organizations, the need to capture and store digital records of these communications has become vital. Much like storing and archiving private patient records and correspondence, healthcare regulations require that public communications from healthcare entities be retained as well.

But without clear guidelines and a dedicated archiving solution, the various implications of using social media as they relate to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), records requests, and litigation threats can be difficult to manage from a compliance and branding perspective.

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ArchiveSocial helps healthcare organizations gain centralized control over their entire social media presence by automatically capturing and preserving all communications in one secure location, ensuring compliance with retention requirements while minimizing legal and internal risk.

Why Healthcare Entities Need to Archive Communications on Social Media

Minimize Organizational Legal Risk

Patient privacy on social media may be one of the biggest challenges for maintaining compliance, but it’s not the only one. Other risks include policies outlining proper use for your employees, copyright and intellectual property, litigation threats, and more. ArchiveSocial preserves your data in one secure location and keeps you informed of your accounts’ activity (so you never miss a post, comment, or if your policy isn’t being followed). And with intuitive search, you can quickly find and export your data in the exact formats you need, whenever you need it.

Control your Brand Image Online

Properly managing all of your organization’s different accounts across the 24/7 networks can cost thousands a year (or thousands per HIPAA violation), and endless hours of time. ArchiveSocial helps both public and private health organizations minimize risk and ensure compliance with social media retention requirements by preserving all content the organization posts and engages with, in its original context (even if it’s been deleted, edited, or hidden), so they can easily respond to FOIA, eDiscovery, and litigation requests.

Reduce Risk with HIPAA Concerns

Social media isn’t private. Employees and patients can unintentionally or intentionally expose themselves, putting your organizations in situations that risk violating patient security. ArchiveSocial constantly scans for and automatically alerts you of any potential violations (whether it be personally identifiable information (PII), profanity, questions, or keywords and phrases you define) while maintaining an accurate record of what happened, so you can address and remove risks as they occur without breaching any evidence that needs to be retained.


HIPAA was created to protect an individual’s privacy related to health information that can be used to identify a patient. It prohibits health care providers from publicly disclosing any patient information, including the fact that they received care, without the patients’ permission. And how that applies to social media varies by your state privacy laws, which can include more restrictions or limitations on the use and disclosure of patient information.

Social Networks Won’t Retain Information for You

Social networks are great, but they aren’t required to retain data and are not set up to ensure healthcare organizations remain compliant with records retention, HIPAA, and other regulatory responsibilities. Especially when it comes to hidden and deleted comments, you won’t have much luck recovering past content on social media platforms. When the time comes that you need to look up past content from discussions on social media, you can only count on yourself to archive and reproduce that content.

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Thousands of Satisfied ArchiveSocial Customers

“The system was easy to set up with all of our social media accounts, the customer reps are very good at explaining the reports and services, and the ability to run reports that are date specific and on all or specific accounts are very handy.”
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Wayne County Health Department, IL

“Easy to use and definitely important to have for a business that uses social media!”

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Is Your Social Media HIPAA Compliant?

While there are several things healthcare organizations need to keep in mind for their social media in terms of best practices, here are a few from the HIPAA Journal on Social Media Rules:

  • Review and update your policies on social media annually
  • Develop policies and procedures on the use of social media for marketing, including standardizing how marketing takes place on social media accounts
  • Develop a policy that requires personal and corporate accounts to be totally separated
  • Create a policy that requires all social media posts to be approved by your legal or compliance department prior to posting
  • Maintain a record of social media posts using your organization’s official accounts that preserves posts, edits, and the format of social media messages
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Confidently Maintain and Produce Records from Social Communications with ArchiveSocial

Reduce risk of records violations and litigation, capture your social media presence in-context, and manage your data from all social platforms in one secure location.

Archive Public Communications

Retain posts and back-and-forth conversations on all social media profiles and pages. Maintain records of every message involving your organization.

Comprehensive Data Capture

Archive all posts, comments, images, videos, and more from your social media communications. Even capture elusive records, like edited, hidden, or deleted posts and comments.

Easily Search and Pull Records

Quickly search and filter your social media records across social platforms to find specific posts and messages at any time when a records request is made.

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Resources and Guides for Healthcare Social Media and Record-keeping

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The ArchiveSocial Solution Overview

How Social Media Archiving Works

Download the Solution Overview to see how ArchiveSocial works, and learn more about the benefits of social media archiving for records compliance.

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