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A wide variety of vendors have approached the issue of social media archiving. Many of these vendors come from a background of email archiving or web archiving. While it might seem convenient to re-purpose existing technologies and systems, it is important to remember that social media networks are very different from email systems and websites. ArchiveSocial continuously optimizes its archiving technology to keep pace with the ever-evolving social media networks. No one else comes close to our speed of capture, comprehensiveness of records, and responsiveness to customer needs. All of this is backed by our commitment to providing the best support in the industry at no additional charge.

See below for more detail on what makes ArchiveSocial the best solution for compliance ready social media archiving.

Authentic Capture

The ability to capture, store, and retrieve records in each social network’s native format with complete metadata.

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  • Web archiving solutions capture the HTML presentation (i.e. the look) of social media but not the underlying native record.
  • Email archiving solutions convert social media content into a simple email format, discarding the native record and the associated metadata.
  • ArchiveSocial captures and retains social media records in raw, native format with complete metadata.

Preservation of Context

Preservation of social media as it appears on the original social network, along with the necessary supporting data and context. This refers to functionality such as displaying expandable comment threads, capturing full-resolution photos, resolving short URLs, and more.

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  • Backup tools provide a basic dump of social media data and very little else. It can be virtually impossible to piece together message threads and make sense of the data as it accumulates over time.
  • Email archiving solutions break social media conversations into disparate emails. For example, a Facebook post with hundreds of comments could be split across several emails that are distanced throughout the archive. Email is static and fragmented in nature, providing a very poor medium for managing rich, interactive content.
  • ArchiveSocial captures complete social media records and then post-processes the information to retrieve additional context such as full-resolution photos and URL redirections. Futhermore, it presents records in an interactive interface that looks, feels, and behaves like the original social network.

Continuous Archiving

Archiving that captures new content throughout the day, rather than once-a-day or just a few times a day. Continuous archiving is critical for avoiding data loss due to deletions that may occur in between archiving intervals.

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  • Backup tools are often manually operated, requiring repeated time and effort. Automated backup tools tend to backup once daily at most.
  • Web archiving solutions operate using a crawling technique can require manual time and effort. Even when automated, it is difficult to execute a web crawl more than once a day. Web archiving solutions are further limited in their need to re-crawl an entire portion of a website in order to capture just the new content, which can lead to existing content being duplicated across multiple crawls.
  • ArchiveSocial automatically captures new social media records throughout the day without any manual effort or intervention.

Digitally-Signed Records

An authenticity guarantee that ensures the integrity of records for long-term record keeping and legal situations.

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  • Most social media archiving and backup solutions stop at storing the data and do not take extra steps to prove the authenticity of records.
  • ArchiveSocial applies a timestamped digital signature to each record in the archive to ensure the highest level of data authenticity.

Advanced Search & Filtering

The ability to perform a search based on very specific criteria and retrieve the exact set of matching social media records. Provides tools for further filtering results to overcome the classic “needle-in-a-haystack” problem that occurs when an initial search produces thousands of matching results.

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  • Backup tools exist primarily for restoring data that could be lost, and are not well-suited for searches and record retrieval. Backup tools generally provide very limited search capabilities.
  • Web archiving solutions store entire web pages rather than storing independently searchable records. Hence, it is extremely difficult to search and filter based on specific social media attributes. A keyword search across a web archive will match anything that appears on the webpage — such as navigational elements and advertisements — regardless of their relevance to the actual social media content.
  • Email archiving solutions convert social media to email, often storing batches of content across multiple emails. The result is that unrelated records can appear within one email while related records might be split across multiple emails. Locating the exact social media records you need within an email archive can be extremely complicated and messy.
  • ArchiveSocial retains each status update, comment, photo, and message as an independent social media record, while still maintaining the relationships between these records. It can search social media records based on criteria such as keywords, date ranges, content types, and message participants. Furthermore, if a search matches a high volume of records, ArchiveSocial provides the ability to instantly refine the search results using filters and categories.

Comprehensive Visual & Native Export

Options for producing specific records from the archive in a variety of formats, as needed. A comprehensive export can produce a visual representation of each record, along with the native format, metadata, and all relevant content.

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  • Backup tools provide a very basic dump of social media data, and often do not provide options to isolate a specific subset of records. Additional steps must be taken to convert and manage the data in the desired format.
  • Web archiving solutions can export entire web pages but not specific social media records. It can be difficult to export the correct set of records if related content is stored across multiple, independent crawls. Web archiving solutions do not capture the native format and therefore cannot export it.
  • Email archiving solutions, like web archiving solutions, are limited by the manner in which social media records were originally preserved in the archive. Records cannot be exported in an independent fashion and the native format is generally not available.
  • ArchiveSocial exports social media records to a variety of formats including HTML, PDF, and Excel. Each export can include the visual representation of the record, along with the native format, metadata, digital signatures, and multimedia content. ArchiveSocial makes it possible to export specific subsets of records or, if desired, the complete archive itself.

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