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You can’t rely on the social networks to archive.

The social networks do not provide the information you need for records requests.


Confident Assurance

Confident Assurance

The social networks are not bound to public records laws.

They have no legal obligation to retain records.


Limited Disclosure

The social networks do not provide user comments or revisions to content (edited, deleted, and hidden content) in their download features.

Not Bound to Records Laws

The social networks are private companies, not subject to records laws.

Facebook has no records management capability.

Jerry Lucente-Kirkpatrick
Formerly State Records Analyst
State of Arizona

Why Archive Now?

Lost Records

The social networks don’t capture revisions to content.

Users on the social networks edit, delete, and hide content.



The responsibility for providing these records would be on your agency.


Unless you are prepared ahead of time, the content is most likely gone.

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