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Social Media Policy Templates

Making social media policies and record retention transparent

ArchiveSocial provides free social media policy templates to help organizations utilize and expand social media presences, and allows them to harness the power of communicating with social networks while remaining legally compliant. Although social media is considered a limited public forum in the public sector, a sound social media policy lets the owner of the page(s) steer the conversation, moderate the content, and outline record retention practices.

Any government-run or government-funded agency that is utilizing social media should have a social media policy that is visible to its citizens. The policy should establish the rules and policies for communication on the page, and also make citizens aware that content and conversations on social media sites are considered public record. Download a free template from our options below to help set up the best policy for your organization.

Social Media Policy Templates by Industry

social media policy template for government agencies cover

Government Agencies

Government agencies have no better way to establish the rules of engagement and formalize the standards and practices for their public social media discussions than with a social media policy. Use our template to help get your policy established.

School District social media policy template cover

School Districts & Systems

School districts need clearly established social media policies to create effective and safe communication forums for teachers, parents, staff, and students. Download our free template to help your district get started.

social media policy for law enforcement cover

Law Enforcement

Social media is a great way for law enforcement agencies to communicate alerts, dangers, and awareness to communities. Without a clear social media policy in place, these important updates can get lost in controversial replies and unproductive arguments. Download our free template to create an effective policy and control the conversation online.

social media policy template for healthcare teaser

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare entities should clearly indicate the purpose of their social media usage, content guidelines, and moderation procedures with a social media policy. They should also discourage any online sharing or use of protected health information in the policy. Confidently get your healthcare provider social media policy set up with our free template.

Where to Publish and Link to your Social Media Policy

It’s good practice to have one overarching social media policy instead of having one for each social platform. Our recommended approach is to publish your social media policy on your website, and link to it from your website as well as your social media pages. This promotes transparency and makes the policy easy to find for staff and citizens.

Discover the Laws in your State

Use our US state law locator tool to find out public records laws and public sector social media guidelines in your state. Your state’s policies and guidance can help you customize your social media policy. Plus, see examples of existing social media policies in your state!

See your state’s laws & social media policy examples