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Public Records Laws and Social Media Retention in Alabama

Automate your Social Media Records Retention

Learn how you can preserve complete social media records automatically to maintain public records compliance in Alabama. Download the social media archiving overview.

Social Media Record Retention Legal News in Alabama

Read about Alabama cases and precedents involving social media and public record retention.

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Alabama State Official Says Social Media in Alabama is a Public Record and Needs to be Retained

During a legal case when the Secretary of State was sued for blocking citizens on Twitter, The Director of Communications for the Office of Information Technology – the department in charge of enforcing Alabama’s public records laws – says that agencies in Alabama need to retain social media content to be in compliance with the state’s public records laws.

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The ArchiveSocial Solution Overview

How Social Media Archiving Works

Download the Solution Overview to see how social media archiving helps you achieve public records compliance. Automatically retain every post, photo, comment and more from your social pages for record retention.

The comprehensive social media archiving compliance guide cover