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Public Records Laws and Social Media Retention in Florida

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Automate your Social Media Records Retention

Learn how you can preserve complete social media records automatically to maintain public records compliance in Florida. Download the social media archiving overview.

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ArchiveSocial in Florida

Hear from one of the many cities, counties, and agencies that are meeting public record law requirements using ArchiveSocial.

We were interested in expanding our social media presence but didn’t feel comfortable doing that without a plan for records compliance. ArchiveSocial made it easy for us to fulfill our requirements.

Sabrina Robertson

Nassau County

ArchiveSocial is a very user friendly and affordable solution for archiving social media accounts. On average it saves us 4 hours per week of manual archiving time. Well worth the monthly fee.

Heather Shirm

Palm Beach County

Public agencies need an easy-to-use, credible method of retaining social media posts. ArchiveSocial has automated this otherwise burdensome task.

Ken J. Mascara


St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

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The ArchiveSocial Solution Overview

How Social Media Archiving Works

Download the Solution Overview to see how social media archiving helps you achieve public records compliance by automatically retaining every post, photo, comment and more from your social pages.

The comprehensive social media archiving compliance guide cover