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Crisis Communications: Effective Tactics in Troubled Times – with Mark Weaver

It’s more important than ever to maintain the public’s trust in your ability to lead and govern.

In this special live training with government communicator and attorney Mark Weaver, learn the skills and practices needed to effectively communicate and keep your public safe and informed before, during, and after a crisis situation.

Government crisis communication guidance for social media

In this recorded webinar, Mark Weaver and Alix Bowman discuss how you can control the conversation and spread facts on social media during a crisis. With a handful of real world examples and many years of experience, let Mark give you the tools you need to navigate a crisis as a communicator effectively!

Key topics we cover:

  • Creative solutions to get, and keep, the facts in circulation
  • Identifying and effectively messaging to key audiences
  • Finding the best tone for a constructive discourse amid controversy, and over the long term
  • When and how to gather and deliver accurate information during challenging situations

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website and in this webinar does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available are for general informational purposes only.

About the Speaker

mark weaver - government social media communications attorney

Mark Weaver
Attorney and Communications Advisor

Mark Weaver is a crisis communications expert with three decades of experience advising clients in more than 30 states and at the highest levels of national government and major corporations. Before founding Communications Counsel, Mark was the Deputy Attorney General of Ohio. He was responsible for crisis management, strategic counseling, and communications for an office with 1,400 employees and a front-page legal issue every week.

Mark also served on the Attorney General’s four-member Executive Staff and acted as a senior policy advisor and chief spokesman. His past professional assignments include serving as the Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the U.S Department of Justice, Public Information Director for a large Pennsylvania municipality, and Vice President of a national communications firm in Washington, D.C. He has two decades of experience as a criminal prosecutor and has provided lectures and media advice around the world on a wide variety of legal and communication topics.

Alix Bowman

Alix Bowman
VP of Customer, ArchiveSocial

Alix Bowman leads the Customer Experience team as VP of Customer at ArchiveSocial and is an expert on social media network operations. Alix has over 13 years of experience bringing groundbreaking strategies to life with sustainable concepts, development, and execution. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and startup strategist, who has been recognized on numerous occasions for her dedication, leadership, and ability to identify consumer needs.

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