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Intro to Web Accessibility for Government Communicators

ArchiveSocial helps public agencies stay compliant with public records laws and build trust in their digital communications. Websites that are accessible to everyone are also crucial for maintaining legal compliance and public trust. Our sister brand, Monsido, specializes in optimizing organizations’ digital presence and communications for accessibility.

On May 17, we partnered with Monsido’s web accessibility expert, Josh Ditthardt, to share some background information on web accessibility that all government communicators should know.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about:

  • Why web accessibility is so important
  • How disabilities affect the way users experience websites
  • What accessibility guidelines to follow
  • What you can start doing right now to be more accessible

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The Speaker

Josh Ditthardt headshot photo with brick background

Josh Ditthardt
Director of Sales, Government – Monsido

Josh Ditthardt is the Director of Sales for Monsido. For the past 10 years, Josh has been helping government organizations improve their digital presence by sharing website best practices that will help increase inclusivity and accessibility. Josh is a firm believer that websites and social media act as your digital front door to your community and since you would never consider having a government building that isn’t accessible, the same should be said about your website.

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