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Troll Patrol: Overcoming Social Media’s Dark Side

Social media trolls are commenters who deliberately verbally attack and provoke others, disrupting any attempt at productive conversation.

In this webinar from January 12, 2023, we discussed how trolls operate, the risks they pose to your organization, and what you can do to discourage them.

Sharing best practices for moderating your social media pages without violating First Amendment rights.

The Speaker

Marcus Smith headshot, digital compliance expert at Optimere

CivicPlus Product Marketing Manager, Marcus Smith, helps public agencies and school districts navigate digital compliance, accessibility, and records management challenges to ensure they effectively meet online regulations while providing better support for their community. Marcus has helped thousands of agencies and organizations establish best practices and training to mitigate risks across their social media and websites, while also streamlining the fulfillment and management of records requests.

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