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#Safety Trending: Using Social Media to Increase Community Security

Increased home values, better schools, an improvement in constituent satisfaction, what could your community gain from safer neighborhoods? As communities continue to change, safety remains the main concern for those looking into their next place to grow.

About the Speaker

Bureau Chief of Information Services, Staff Sergeant Christian J Behr, manages all department social media sites as well as being responsible for the daily operations of the communications section, property and evidence and records. Christian received multiple awards for his 25 years in the Maine Army National Guard including one deployment to Iraq in 2005 serving as the Regimental Safety NCOIC and Force Protection Team member for the 278th Regimental Combat Team. He has worked for the past 24 years at the August Police Department. Christian also serves on the advisory board of the Capitol Clubhouse in Augusta and is a founding member of the Museum of the United States Army.

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