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Web Snapshots

ArchiveSocial’s Web Snapshots website archiving product automatically archives web pages for improved website compliance and management

Why Use Website Archiving Software?

Did you know that website content is considered a public record in all 50 states? And since content management systems can’t easily produce a historical view of website pages, searching for and producing relevant website content from across multiple systems is extremely challenging. That’s why we created Web Snapshots, a powerful solution that easily and effectively ensures compliance with your state’s regulations by providing a snapshot of how any one of your web pages was displayed to your citizens, at any point in time.

ArchiveSocial’s Web Snapshots supplements your agency’s existing approach to website records management by automatically searching, capturing, and exporting your website’s full content and functionality.

Using Web Snapshots for website archiving, you can:

  • Ensure records from across your agency’s entire web presence are centralized and searchable.
  • Maintain a single records management source to easily manage both your social media records and website records, with an intuitive and dynamic interface.

Web Snapshots is available for all ArchiveSocial clients on the Standard Plan and above at no additional fee and supports unlimited URLs. With Web Snapshots, you can capture all your website pages within your existing ArchiveSocial subscription plan with ease.

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