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Palmer is a tiny community–only 6,000 in population. ArchiveSocial is an excellent tool for us to get the information we need when a records request comes in and provides us with confidence and peace of mind.

Norma Alley
City Clerk
Palmer, Alaska

Who We Work With

ArchiveSocial is proud to work with over 1000 government, law enforcement, and education customers of all locations and sizes.

We work with the largest agencies, such as the Department of Justice, the Obama White House, New York City, and City of Chicago…

…As well as the smallest. Social media is public record from Palmer, Alaska to Mulberry, Florida and we are determined to work with all agencies to meet compliance.

Whether you work in a school district, law enforcement, or government agency, reach out to us to find out who we work with near you! Chances are they are right next door.

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