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Why Archive Social Media?

Transparency and compliance for all forms of communication

Like email, social media creates important business records for your organization

As business conversations shift to social channels, it is important to remember that those communications constitute meaningful records just like emails and documents — records that could be critical for compliance, legal e-discovery, and other records management needs. Archiving is now an essential component of a social media strategy.

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Unlike email, capturing and retaining social media communications is hard

Social media content exists entirely outside the control of your organization. Even if you are able to get a hold of the data, there are significant challenges due to the fact that social media content exists in a variety of complex, interactive, and non-standardized formats.

You can’t rely on Facebook & Twitter for long-term record keeping

A social media communication can be deleted in an instant. Even if you are careful about protecting your own content, nothing prevents others from deleting important comments or messages they previously sent to you. Once deleted, those communications could be lost forever.

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“Do-it-yourself” is time consuming, costly, and generally ineffective

Taking manual records not only requires hours of investment on a regular basis, but it is error prone and ultimately ineffective. Anyone can edit a document or a screenshot. As a result, these types of records are of no value when disputed in a legal or regulatory context. You need a social media retention strategy you can depend on.

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