Yesterday, Code for America announced the 2013 Accelerator Class and boy are we excited to be included! Out of 190 applicants, ArchiveSocial is one of five companies chosen to participate.

Here are 3 reasons that the team is psyched:

Code for America provides an opportunity to make a difference

Not to get all sappy, but it’s true. There are countless public sector organizations that want to use social media for citizen engagement but don’t do so because they are worried about¬†the possible legal ramifications. ArchiveSocial is on a mission to change that.

Though our sales team is spreading the message one agency at a time, we’re looking forward to participating in the Code for America Summit, where we’ll be able to spread the message to a huge number of influencers all at once.

Code for America allows us to geek out

Here are ArchiveSocial we’re a bunch of #socialgov geeks, and we’re not ashamed to admit it. So what could be better than getting to work in the Code for America Headquarters, a space where every other person is just as excited about building the future of civic tech as we are?

Code for America forces us to step outside of our comfort zone

Contrary to popular belief, Silicon Valley is not the country’s only innovation center. ArchiveSocial is proud to be in the Triangle (Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill), which is a startup hub in its own right.

But let’s be real. Silicon Valley may not be the only hub, but it’s definitely the Mecca. And you’ve got to go there at least once, right?

Want more background info? Click here to read our press release.