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COVID-19 and CARES Act

Social Media Resources for FOIA & Records Request Management

We believe that ArchiveSocial is vital in helping public entities to quickly communicate critical information, remain accessible, and prevent post-event consequences.

Explore our COVID-19 and CARES funding resources for public sector social media below.

The deadline to use CARES Act funds is December 31st, 2021

With the extension of the deadline for organizations to use CARES Act funding, it’s important to understand the facts and options for using the funding. Considerations for using funds to protect your communication channels with helpful public records software like ArchiveSocial continue to be crucial in 2021. Explore our available Covid-19 and CARES Act resources, and chat us any questions you have regarding CARES funding uses.

COVID-19 Downloadable Resources

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Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security CARES Act on the desk

CARES Act & Coronavirus Relief Fund Justification Checklist [PDF]

Coronavirus COVID-19 - Microbiologie 3D

Social Media & The COVID-19 Pandemic: How to remain compliant [PDF]

Social distancing in public place

How Public Entities are Navigating Risk & the CARES Act [Webinar Recording]

Keep Your Website Compliant

Capture Accurate Records of Updates

Your website is constantly changing. This is especially true during times of emergency when you need to frequently update web pages with the latest, accurate information. But it can be difficult to keep track of all these evolving changes, leaving your entity at risk of not meeting regulatory requirements and litigation requests. ArchiveSocial’s Web Snapshots removes that worry.

With Web Snapshots, you can ensure compliance and improve productivity with an automated web archive that maintains a detailed and comprehensive history of all the changes that happen across your website, in their original form. And with advanced search, you can easily find specific content and export the records you need in no time.

Learn More About Web Snapshots

What is ArchiveSocial?

Trusted by more than 5,000 organizations, ArchiveSocial helps public entities maintain compliance with public records laws and actively manage risk online. Public entities are successfully using CARES funding for social media archiving with ArchiveSocial.

Get in touch below to learn if you may be eligible to use CARES act funding to archive your social media.

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