It’s that time of year again. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate fill displays and a dozen red roses cost a fortune – if you can even find them. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. And although the 14th of February is usually a day reserved for couples, we at ArchiveSocial would like to highlight another relationship that has blossomed, namely, the relationship between U.S. lawmakers and Twitter. According to Mashable, an impressive 100% of all U.S. Senators have embraced Twitter.

U.S. lawmakers see huge gains in Twitter adoption rates

Almost as if struck by Cupid’s arrow, the figure of 100% adoption is up significantly from the 2011 numbers. In 2011, only 44% of the Senate was actively engaged on Twitter. The U.S. House of Representatives lags slightly behind the Senate with 90% adoption. However, this is up from 35% in 2011, again a noteworthy increase that is nearing full-adoption. Representing a huge uptick in popularity, these dramatic increases also speaks to Twitter’s effectiveness as a tool to connect with others. It represents a new medium of conversation with constituents, stakeholders, and other lawmakers that transcends many other forms of communication in terms of scope and authenticity.

Twitter as a box of candy hearts

In fact, we at ArchiveSocial might make the comparison between Twitter and those ubiquitous candy hearts. Both the multi-colored candy hearts and Twitter feature short messages aimed at communicating a thought or observation, and both are almost impossible to put down once you open the box. And for this year’s Valentine’s Day, it appears that the U.S. lawmakers and Twitter have exchanged “Be Mine” emblazoned candy hearts. And, we believe that this relationship just might be a match made in heaven.