Here at ArchiveSocial, we make no secret of the fact that we are geeks. And like all geeks, we dream of attending South By Southwest (aka SXSW, or just “South By” if you really want to get into the nerd lingo). An even bigger dream? Presenting.

ArchiveSocial’s Submission

Our own Anil Chawla is ready to present at SXSW 2014 Interactive. The only problem? So are 3,000+ other people! In order to get the opportunity to speak, the submission is going through the PanelPicker process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Interested parties enter proposals for daytime conference programming at SXSW. We’ve taken care of that part.
  2. Here is where you come in. Starting on August 19 and continuing through Friday, September 6 (11:59 PM CST), the online community can vote on the ideas they believe are the most creative, innovative and appropriate for the 2014 event.

Take a look at our video:

The cinematography is pretty awesome, right?*

What exactly IS the dark side of social media, and what will this session have to offer?

Now, all bias aside, we think that Anil’s proposal deserves to win. The dark side of social media is a topic that needs to be discussed. As far as organizations are concerned, social media is just another form of business communication, just like email or traditional snail mail.

And just like other forms of business communication, social media communication is subject to legal requirements, compliance rules, and potential e-discovery during litigation.

In this session, Anil will examine and dissect real world incidents legal cases directly related to social media. Most importantly, he will identify key takeaways from each incident to help other companies avoid potential disaster.

So in conclusion…

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 *okay, okay, I’m the person behind the camera. But it’s pretty darn genius.