The summer has flown by and it’s about that time for those in college to think about heading back to campus.  In honor of the thousands of students getting ready to hit the books (not to mention everything else that goes along with being in college), here are five universities that are schooling the rest when it comes to social media:

University of New Hampshire

New Hampshire has an awesome social media presence, beginning with their use of hashtags. Check out their twitter page, where they list out hashtags to use and follow.

Miami University

Since pictures basically amount to social media gold, we’re impressed with Miami’s Pinterest presence.


Duke’s presence on Foursquare is pretty cool. On the site they invite students to “Find friends. Learn about life on campus and in Durham. Make connections. Earn badges. Unlock specials. Most important, have fun.”

Bonus points for encouraging students to learn about life in Durham, ArchiveSocial’s home city.

Boston University

Props to BU for creating a twitter list so that students can easily follow their multitude of twitter accounts.


Not only does Rutgers have a multitude of social media accounts, they encourage all of the department and units to use social media and have a website that provides information on the best way to do so.