greetings_texas_0_500Time for another addition of Follow Friday! Austin is known for being tech savvy (and weird…but that’s another post). But they aren’t the only ones innovating government. Here are five other cities proving that when it comes to digital government, you don’t mess with Texas.

City of Arlington

We love An official site of the city, it reads more like an online magazine than a government website.

City of Dallas

This photo on the city’s Instagram page says it all – these Govies don’t take themselves too seriously.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.02.28 PM

City of San Antonio

San Antonio is proud of its residents. Check out the Business Leader Profiles page, where the city posts interviews with successful business leaders who are based in San Antonio.

City of Houston

Check out the My City Maps & Apps page, Houston’s GIS online city service directory and maps request site.

City of Plano

Plano’s myConnection feature is great. Users create a profile to gather the information that is most important to them from across this website into one central hub for easy access each time they log on.

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