Happy Friday!  It’s no secret that cities are innovating government, and mayors are on board.

Newark New Jersey’s Cory Booker is the consummate example of a mayor using social media effectively.  But he’s not the only social-savvy city leader.  For this week’s Follow Friday installment, we’re looking at 5 mayors using social media to connect with constituents.

Mayor Ralph Becker: Salt Lake City, UT

His website is killer.  Mayor Becker is even using Kickstarter to highlight innovative local projects.


Mayor Mark Mallory: Cincinnati, OH

We have to give Mayor Mallory props for being the only Mayor to appear on Undercover Boss.

Mayor Scott Smith: Mesa, AZ

We like his iMesa initiative,a grassroots improvement effort where residents submit, vote and comment on ideas that transform the community.


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: Baltimore, MD

Mayor Rawlings-Blake is a champion for open government.  Check out the Transition Tracker.

Mayor Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles, CA

Another great website.  Check out the bottom of the page, where there’s a revolving list of twitter users that follow the Mayor’s Office.