Screenshot of Roanoke VA Social Media Center

Finally, another addition to our Follow Friday series! If your city is looking to kick up its social media game, you should consider following The City of Roanoke, VA – its social media strategy is a true inspiration.

Not only is the city actively engaging the public via multiple social platforms, they have made it super easy for the public to get engaged with the city through the “Social Media Center”.

With just a click on the city’s website, residents of Roanoke can locate a streamlined, easy to access portal to all the city’s social media accounts: There are over 20 government Facebook pages being streamed, such as the Roanoke Sheriff’s Office and Roanoke Clean and Green.

Screenshot of Roanoke Sheriff's Office Social Media Stream

Screenshot of Roanoke VA Clean and Green Social Media Stream

Another page is dedicated to streaming Twitter accounts of various Roanoke, VA agencies, including @City_of_Roanoke , @RoanokeEM, @rpdsafercity, and @RkeVASolidWaste.

Screenshot of Roanoke VA Twitter feed

Through the “Social Media Center” the public can also access YouTube and Vimeo videos, as well as beautiful photos from the city’s Instagram account.

Screenshot of Roanoke VA Instagram feed

Having extensive social media outreach is great – making it easy for the public to access it is even better!