Today on Follow Friday we are highlighting the US Fish and Wildlife Service — an agency that has embraced Twitter as a great tool for both promoting what they do and reaching people quickly to warn them of danger. Today on Information Week Radio, USFWS Director Dan Ashe (@DirectorDanAshe) will be sharing his agency’s tips for mastering social media while managing thousands of sites and refuges. In this post, we will highlight four of the more than forty USFW Twitter accounts and one state level account for good measure.

Coleman National Fish Hatchery (@USFWSColeman)


If you enjoy Pacific Salmon, you should send a thank you to the Coleman NFH. As the largest hatchery in the US, this agency raises and releases approximately 12.5 million Chinook salmon smolt each year. They are working hard to keep those Pacific Northwest streams and rivers protected and stocked.


Balcones National Wildlife Refuge Fire (@USFWS_TXBARfire)

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Many people may not realize that there are men and women in the US Fish and Wildlife service who are on the front lines of managing and mitigating wildfires. The Balcones Canyonlands NWR Fire Program is dedicated to protecting life, property, and resources from wildland fire through prevention, and prescribed fire. Let them know you appreciate what they do with a tweet.

Luna the Lamprey (@LunatheLamprey)


There is always room in our feed for a jawless fish, particularly one with such an ancient lineage as the lamprey. All kidding aside, Luna is a symbol of clean water, conservation, and the interconnectedness of ecosystems. Hatched in 2005, Luna keeps people informed on events and sets the record straight on her own misunderstood species and related creatures.

Wildlife Jobs (@USFWSjobs)

By now you are probably asking yourself, “how can I get a job with one of these awesome agencies?” If that sounds familiar, then this is the Twitter handle you should be following. A quick glance at this feed reveals positions as diverse as fish biologist, tractor operator, IT specialist, and even a non-specific posting for a recent grad.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (@MyFWC)


The last Twitter handle on our Follow Friday list is actually a state agency that is independent from the USFWS, but has a similar mission and a matching dedication to social media. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission uses its Twitter feed to inform the public on wildlife facts, red tide warnings, game fish seasons, sea rescues and more. If you live in or are planning a visit to Florida, you’ll want the FWC in your feed.

That’s it for today’s Follow Friday round up. For a complete list of all the USFWS Twitter accounts, check out this link. Don’t miss Dan Ashe today at 3pm EST!