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It makes cataloging and searching social media records simple and offers peace of mind in the event that a public records request is made.

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Capture Every Record

Every record matters. Your social media record capture strategy is only as good as its ability to produce any given record upon its request.

ArchiveSocial captures records from all of your social media pages in near real-time to ensure that every post, comment, picture, and more is maintained and easy to find.


Maintain Public Records Compliance

Ensure compliance with your state’s public records law and retention requirements, and easily respond to FOIA, eDiscovery, and litigation requests.

ArchiveSocial makes sure your records from limited public forums online, such as Facebook, are captured and maintained in your archive; even hidden and deleted posts!


Easily Locate Your Records

Quickly find records, add notes, and export specific content with advanced search, annotations, intuitive filtering, and one-click export.

At ArchiveSocial, we know it isn’t enough to just capture your records. You need to be able to find them when social media public records requests occur – which can, and will happen.

The fastest, easiest way to capture and retain your social media records.

Why Social Media Archival Services are Critical for Public Record Capture

Social Media Records are Public Records

1. Social Media is a Public Record

In the USA, social media is considered a public government record in all 50 states. All public agencies have an obligation to comply with open record laws.

2. Comments and Replies are Critical

Public records laws maintain that you need to be able to produce social media records – both from your own content, and also from content your constituents create – in response to records requests. This means you are responsible for all the content on your social pages, even if your agency didn’t create it!

3. You Can’t Rely on Social Networks

Social media networks were built to facilitate the online connection of billions of private citizens to one another. They are not built for, nor bound to, public records laws, and have no legal obligation to retain records for you.

4. “Screenshots” are Not Compliant

Manual processes are inefficient for both capturing and searching records, and often don’t suffice in court. Challenges with frequency of capture, hidden/deleted/revised content, and no meta-data to prove authenticity of records all leave agencies with significant risks.

5. You WILL Need to Produce Records

You are required by law to be able to produce social media content if there is a public records request for it. Having a social media capture tool in place that records all content and meta-data is the only way of ensuring compliance with social media regulations and compliance laws.

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Why Archiving Matters, and How to Do it Right for Public Records Compliance

Social media is a great communication tool for public entities. However, social media content is considered public record for institutions in government, law enforcement, and school districts, in all 50 states.

Social networks have no obligation to retain or provide you with your social media records. If you receive a public records request for social media content and are unable to produce it, you and your agency may face damaging legal action or costly settlement expenses. A social media records management strategy is you and your organization’s responsibility – but we’re here to help.

Video: How Social Media Archiving Software Helps you Maintain Record Compliance

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