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Pinning ArchiveSocial's reach

The term “world wide web” was not coined by accident. The global network of people and information is one, if not the, preeminent force in connecting the world today. And with the advent of social media, the globe is only becoming smaller. One no longer needs to catch a transatlantic flight to connect with people from a nation thousands of miles away, illustrating the internet’s role in the unprecedented globetrotting occurring today. And, in this environment of digital exploration and relationship-building, we here at ArchiveSocial are excited to be your passport.

ArchiveSocial’s digital passport

Just as a passport is stamped for a record of your travels, ArchiveSocial provides a similar method of preserving your social media journeys. Recording your activities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ArchiveSocial ensures that while you enjoy the experience of digitally traversing the globe, a record of your journey is also recorded. And just as a passport is required for you visit another nation, for businesses and organizations legally required to keep records of their social media activity, ArchiveSocial ensures that they can legally travel the world online as well.

A global reach

Working to be a digital passport for businesses and government agencies in the world of social media, ArchiveSocial is proud to archive records so that these businesses and agencies can satisfy the legal requirements pursuant to social media usage. And, demonstrating ArchiveSocial’s global vision and reach, we currently have friends in 11 states, 3 countries, and 2 continents. Functioning as a social media passport, we continue to support the increasing interconnectedness of the world by making digital travel simpler and easier than ever before. And, this means that we hope to help those in the remaining 39 states, 140+ countries, and 5 continents (yes, even you, Antarctica). So although we might need an expanded map, we would be happy to take part in making the world wide web truly a global experience.