Here at ArchiveSocial, we pay a LOT of attention to government transparency, especially as it relates to social media. The fact of the matter is, when used correctly, social media makes government more accountable.

By the looks of a recent conversation on twitter about live-tweeting from an upcoming DUI checkpoint, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OKOSO) is one of the many law enforcement agencies that agrees.

Here are some highlights:

government transparency twitter convo

Government Transparency and Public Records Laws

During the conversation, OKOSO highlights two key points:

  1. social media is a government transparency tool, and 
  2. all information released is public record.

We’re on board with OKOSO.  It is important to remember that both social media and public records laws serve to further the mission of government transparency: social media provides an open forum for government communications, and records laws ensure that the information is retained and made available for future needs.