70% of public agencies increased attention to digital services last year

DURHAM, N.C., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ArchiveSocial, the leading provider of social media archiving software for government entities, law enforcement agencies, and K-12 school districts, today announced the results of their second annual State of Social Media in the Public Sector Survey.

Social media has become a needed means for public sector communicators to connect with their audiences and get their messages out quickly, especially in times of crisis. The report analyzed the social media activity of over 600 public communicators and found that 83.5% of respondents had better-informed citizens, and over 60% were able to better control rumors.

The report also revealed that public communicators are gaining awareness and concern over the need to manage these channels compliantly. Respondents cited compliance with records laws as the second biggest challenge to social media adoption.

“The past year transformed social media communication for agencies and school districts, accelerating the use and intensity of dialogue, as well as the rates of lawsuits and legislation involving social media,” said Ray Carey, ArchiveSocial CEO. “We’re excited to provide a resource that helps these communicators better manage their time, mitigate risk, and that highlights the proven value of social media.”

As social media-related lawsuits and the temptation to moderate comments continues to increase, social media archiving to preserve all parties’ digital communication is an important first step toward public records compliance. ArchiveSocial automates record retention to effectively meet compliance obligations and streamline record management for public access, bringing peace of mind to public entities across the globe, from small cities and school districts to Federal agencies and Presidential administrations.

About ArchiveSocial

ArchiveSocial works with government and law enforcement agencies, school districts, and private companies to capture and archive information shared on social media. The company helps public and private agencies comply with record-keeping regulations and mitigate risks related to social media. By connecting directly to the social networks, ArchiveSocial ensures complete, authentic, and in-context records of social media communications. For more information, please visit ArchiveSocial.com.

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